Zumbathon raises money for cheerleader

BLACKFOOT— The Zumbathon fundraiser for BHS senior captain cheerleader Margie Catindig raised upwards of $600 to go towards her trip to New York City to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
"I love that our community can come together and for being able to help me be able to achieve something so exciting," said Catindig.
Cheerleading coach Mindi Loosli came up with the idea of a Zumbathon.
"I wanted to be able to help Margie, and also have it be something that would be fun, something we've never done before and also something that incorporated dancing," said Loosli. "So I decided we'd have a Zumbathon to raise money, and it's been a fun and easy event to host."
Thirty-eight people were in attendance, including three Gold's Gym instructors Leslie Davis, Margie Vera, and Joni Merrick, who were kind enough to donate their time and efforts for the fundraiser.
"I came here to support Margie! It's so cool that she is able to go and cheer in the parade," said Kendahl Bingham, a friend and fellow cheerleader.
Catindig has only been cheerleading since her freshman year of high school.
"I wanted to do something that would get me more involved with my school and I ended up loving it," said Catindig.
Catindig and two other senior captains were offered the chance to perform in the parade at the Universal Cheer Association cheer camp at the University of Utah this past summer.
"I am just so thankful to have this opportunity and also for all of the people who came to support me [Thursday]," said Catindig.
Catindig will be arrive in NYC on Nov. 23 to begin practicing with the hundreds of cheerleaders from across the country who will also be performing in the parade. It starts at 9 a.m. EST on Thanksgiving Day.
"I'd like to thank anyone who helped contribute to my goal of going to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, it truly means a lot to me," said Catindig.