Zone 1 voters to cast ballots on Lipovac recall

Only electors living in Blackfoot School Zone 1 can vote in the recall election of trustee Peter Lipovac from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.
Electors living in Precinct 6 will vote at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center. Electors living in Precinct 4 will vote at Stalker Elementary and electors living on the reservation will vote at Fort Hall Elementary.
The reasons for the recall and Lipovac's comments about the recall are printed on the ballot.
Those in favor of the recall stated Mr. Lipovac did not obtain pre-approval before attending a conference in New Mexico and cite his active involvement in the development of a charter school in Fort Hall.
Lipovac states he followed the board's general operating procedures. He also writes that the Idaho Office of School Choice encourages and supports participation of local school board members in the planning, development and on-going oversight of charter schools.
The recall is the only issue on this ballot.