Young and Mortensen giving back at Junior Panther Football Camp

Staff Writer

There is something pretty special going on at Snake River High School and it isn't just the Junior Panther Football Camp.
Sure, the camp is the setting, but there is something more, there are former players and varsity players donating their time and skill sets to the youth campers that are in attendance.
"I just remember when I was a little kid, playing football out behind the grandstand on Friday nights while the big kids were playing the game I loved and dreaming of being able to do the same thing when I got older," Kade Mortensen said. "I feel like I owe it to these kids today, to help teach them all I can so that when they get the chance to play high school ball, they will be as ready to take the field as I was. I got to play four years of high school football and I want each of these kids to have the same chance. Everyone has the right to have the same chance that I did."
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