A wild and rainy day in Pocatello

POCATELLO — Under threatening skies and even a few rain showers the second go of the Idaho State High School Finals Rodeo got underway at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello.

With the beginning of a new go round the cowboys from District Four have another shot to earn the go round win and keep the hopes of reaching the finals alive.
Firth's Rylie Clemens got a wild day started for the Cowboys and Cowgirls from District Four.
Clemens took to the back of his horse for the bareback riding event and got one heck of a ride.
As the horse left the chute, it took an immediate left turn placing its nose down in the dirt. As it flung its way back to the right Clemens began to fall off. The horse continued to buck and at one point had Clemens vertical to the arena floor. Despite his best efforts Clemens could not complete his eight seconds finishing his bareback riding with his second consecutive no score.
Cade Cooke from District Seven set the high score of the session with a 78.
Snake Rivers's Zane Stephenson was the last District Four rider of the day, and while his bull ride was not as wild as some of the others so far this week, it ended the same as most have, with no score.
District One's Rugar Piva set the bar with a score of 70.
Blackfoot's Kursten McNeely made the most of her second go round in goat tying.
The cowgirl improved her time almost six seconds quicker than she ran in the same event Tuesday night.
Kylie Goodwin, another Blackfoot cowgirl, finished with a time of 12.06. District Two's Dalli Bean set the pace of 8.27 seconds.
Timmi "Full Throttle" Hutchings went early in breakaway roping as the field was reversed for the second go.
Hutchings set the early pace with a time of 5.06. That time held up for five riders until District Five's Kortney McReynolds set a blistering time of 3.00. Hutchings time was good enough for fifth in the session.
Clemens day was not finished as later in the afternoon and under rain shower, he and teammate Hazier Simper from Snake River recovered from their no time from the first go as the pair ran a 10.59, good enough for second in the morning session.
District Two's Tytler Reay and Kade Eiguren set the top mark at 9.45.
Highland High School's Kassidy Duffin had the quickest time in barrel racing for most of the session, unfortunately, District Five's Savannah Fleming set the new top mark on the final run of the day.
Fleming recorded a 16.771.
Rodeo action continues at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello today at 10 a.m. The evening session beings at 7 p.m.

Day two's top results
Barrel Racing
Savannah Fleming — District 5 16.771
Kassidy Duffin — District 4 16.879
Shayanne Bradshaw — District 1 16.944

Tie Down Roping
Dominic Lara — District 2 15.08
Brogan Bennett — District 5 15.68
Ryan Kesl — District 1 15.95

Team Roping
Tyler Reay and Kade Eiguren — District 2 9.45
Rylie Clemens and Hazier Simper — Firth and Snake River 10.59
Steven and Taylor Duby — District 2 14.89

Breakaway Roping
Kortney McReynolds — District 5 3.00
Bandee Tubbs — District 6 3.23
Megan Burbridge — District 8 4.02

Goat Tying
Dalli Bean — District 2 8.27
Bailey Jo Bartlome — District 2 9.83
Kelsey Wright — District 6 10.29

Pole Bending
Makayla Boots — District 7 20.665
Bailey Harris — District 8 20.667
Jorgee Shiner — District 1 20.680

Bareback Riding
Cade Cooke — District 7 78
Austin Williams — District 2 64

Bull Riding
Rugar Piva — District 1 70
Kolton Hansen — District 4 52
Wylie Casperson — District 8 46

Saddle Bronc Riding
Zach Tindall — District 2 64
Mason Lamb — District 6 50
Baden Newman — District 3 33

Night two's late results
Tie Down Roping
Garrett Smith — District 7 11.79
Cole Lickley — District 5 13.05
Dominic Lara — District 2 14.44

Barrel Racing
Savannah Fleming — District 5 17.056
Darcey Maddock — District 8 17.071
Cassidy Quinn — District 4 17.082

Bull Riding
Kolton Hanson — District 4 71