Whitaker throws no-hitter for Legion Broncos

Staff Writer

When Peyton Whitaker joined the Blackfoot American Legion team a year ago, he came into the program as a better than average outfield that could hit. He hit so well that he carried a high school batting average from Shelley High School of nearly .600.
His hitting, speed and defense was everything that was advertised and he fit into the program just fine. What the Broncos didn't know was that he could also pitch. He struggled at times with the hitters who had been seeing 4A and 5A pitching all season long a year ago, but he fit in there a bit as well.
This season, the young left hander has matured and his pitching has improved, so much so, that he recorded a no-hitter during the high school season and also had a one hitter to go along with it.
On Thursday, the Blackfoot Legion Broncos took to the road for the first game in the annual Minico Tournament and had Whitaker slated to take the mound against Jerome. Despite walking five batters, Whitaker again threw a no-no and gave the Broncos just what they needed in a week that has eight games scheduled.
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