What's next at Firth Middle School?

Firth Middle School principal David Mecham outlined the beginning plans of school improvement on Thursday at the Firth School Board monthly meeting.
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In August, as part of a new accountability plan, State Department of Education (SDE) officials listed Idaho's 29 lowest performing schools.
As reported by the Idaho Education Network: "Each school will remain on the list for three years and is eligible for extra support designed to turn the schools around.
"We're not identifying school for ridicule or anything else," said Karlynn Laraway, the SDE's director of assessment and accountability. "We're really focused on the schools' needs and supporting them for improvement."
Firth Middle School (FMS) was named as one of these schools.
On Thursday, FMS parents attended the school board meeting to hear about plans for this improvement. FMS principal David Mecham outlined the beginning steps that are being taken in this process.
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