Volunteers needed at BMH

Staff Writer

A new volunteer service is beginning at Bingham Memorial Hospital. The hope is to recruit a few good people who are willing to push a complimentary food cart for patients and their families through the hospital.
Michael Harris, Patient Experience Coordinator, said, "We do hope the patient cart will be ‘nurturing and nourishing’ to family members and visitors.  It will be loaded with various drinks and snack foods.  It will be complimentary.  We know after waiting for loved ones, most people become thirsty or hungry. The cart will circulate around the various waiting areas in the hospital.  We will probably run it for three to four hours a day at first, and expand the hours, if we have the personnel to operate it."
"It will be a complimentary thing," he said. "Volunteers will circulate through four waiting areas—surgery, emergency, admissions and ICU—serving complimentary snacks and drinks to visitors and family members. When people are stressed, food is a comfort thing; it shows love."
He continued, "When five volunteers have sign up, the food cart project will start. We want to offer this service five days each week. Each volunteer would take one day each week.