Volunteers help set up musical

BLACKFOOT — "The Music Man" rolled into Blackfoot for a one-night performance Friday night.
Twenty-five volunteers from Blackfoot were on hand to help set up props for this musical.
"We started at 8:15 Friday morning," said Blackfoot High School (BHS) junior Kiah Brown. "We do whatever they want us to do."
"I learned that putting a Broadway show together is very difficult," said Logan Lindholm, a junior at BHS.
"It's a lot of work," said BHS junior Cesilio Silveira.
This show and its company began traveling across the country Jan. 17, said stage manager Amanda Mayfield. It will end April 30 in Union Town, Pa.
Mayfield is the stage manager for "The Music Man."
At the end of its tour, this production will have performed in 34 states and five cities in Canada, Mayfield said. "Most of those were single night performances."
This is a 24-hour operation.
A six-person crew travels with the stage equipment and all the props to set up the stage before the cast—the performers—arrive.
The 26-member cast includes three children and their parents. The cast arrived at 4 p.m. Friday from Thursday night's performance in Butte, Mont.
When the show is finished, the cast goes to sleep in motel rooms. The performers will travel during the day by bus to join the crew that has gone ahead of them.
At the conclusion of the show, the stage crew tears down the set, wrapping up and storing the lights, staging and props.
"It takes about two- to two-and-one-half hours to tear down the set," said Mayfield.
By about 1 a.m., the crew is on the bus and the staging is stored on a semi-trailer, heading to their next show.
The set up crew sleeps on bunks in the bus, Mayfield said. The crew will start setting up for the next show at 8 o'clock this morning in Lander, Wyo. "The Music Man" performs three nights in Lander.