Villalobos Brothers burn down Blackfoot Performing Arts Center with outstanding performance

The Villalobos Brothers Perform at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center The Villalobos Brothers Perform at the Blackfoot Performing Arts CenteThe Villalobos Brothers Perform at the Blackfoot Performing Arts CenteThe Villalobos Brothers Perform at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Cente
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Wednesday may be hump day, but Wednesday night was lit afire by the original sounds of the Villalobos Brothers performing at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center. With fiddles in hand, the brothers took the stage and started showing the crowd that made it out on the snowy night why they spent last year with the San Francisco Symphony. As one song ended, the crowd would erupt into applause that made it seem as though the auditorium was stuffed to the brim.
The three brothers were first discovered to have music talent by their grandmother at the ages of three, four, and five, who also shared the musical talent, learning to play instruments by ear. The boys' mother was an anthropologist with little musical talent, and their father a chemical engineer, also lacking the musical ear. The brothers are from Vera Cruz, and their music has been inspired by the local musical community, with traditional folk music from Mexico, as well as learning jazz and orchestra music at the conservatory.
The oldest of the brothers, Ernesto, describes the band as more traditional with a hint of jazz and pop, while the middle of the three brothers said that the band is definitely a fusion band. Whether fusion or folk, the bad took the stage to perform 11 original songs, 2 covers of Sam Cook, and one cover of Larry Campbell.
During the current concert tour, the brothers started in Washington state, traveled down the coast where they made multiple stops in California. From Modesto down to Oxnard, over to Downey, the trip through California treated the band well. Next stop, viva Las Vegas, then the trip to Phoenix, which led the boys to the quiet town of Blackfoot. Upon being asked as where to next, the brothers said that they have a little break to get some rest and relaxation, before heading back to California.
After spending the last five years professionally performing, the brothers say that the biggest accomplishment is that they still get to play and travel together, and keeping an active schedule as performers.
The current band manager, Humberto, has been friends with the brothers and part of the band since they were around 15 years old. Humberto plays the guitar in the band, and currently handles the logistics, and last tour Ernesto was the band manager. Humberto explains that the band takes turns handling the logistics as to make sure that no one member is overburdened by the job.
When asked who sings for the band, Alberto explained that they all sing, or at least try, then he laughed.
The Villalobos Brothers first played at Carnegie Hall in 2005, after reuniting from different schools of study including Manhattan School of Music, Lucerne Festival Academy in Switzerland, and the Mozarteum University of Salzburg in Austria. The brothers are considered to be child prodigies, and have received extensive accolades to show for it.
A special thanks to Susan Mann for recruiting such a musical talent to make a stop in Blackfoot!