Vile Vandalism at the fair

The back window of Trina Clegg's vehicle was broken on Saturday evening at the fair. The window had photos and the motto "One wish, one dream. DeOrr Jay Kunz." Kunz is Clegg's missing grandson. The back window of Trina Clegg's vehicle before it was vandalized Saturday night.
Catie Clark

The back window of a Chevy Tahoe belonging to Trina Clegg was smashed in an act of vandalism at the Eastern Idaho State Fair on Saturday night.
Clegg reported that witnesses observed an older "square body" red Ford pick-up connected with the destruction of the window. The model year of the truck was estimated as the early 90s. The Ford had a black stripe in "the middle of the truck" and a push bar. Anyone having information on this pick-up should contact the Blackfoot Police Department at (208) 785-1234.
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