Video-making crew shows off talent & support

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BLACKFOOT – There is real genius behind some of the work being produced by a group of teenagers named Cannon.
Bobby, James, Justin, Paul, Rachel, Tyler and Scott Cannon—a group of siblings and cousins—all gathered at Grandma Cannon’s house to raid the candy bin, and, out of that meeting, Cannon Productions was born.
Spearheaded by Bobby Cannon, the group began making videos "just to have some fun." Along the way the family group has become closer and has found that they have a common thread woven amongst them. They enjoy each other’s company, they are funny and they all have talent.
“I think that we all began as a way to express ourselves and have some fun,” said Bobby Cannon. “We feed off each other and Grandma’s candy and ideas just spring forth.”
The group has made more than 14 videos to date and have more in development. Bobby is the main editor, Rachel and Justin work on scripts and witty lines, and Tyler, Paul, Scott and James act, write and help with fiming.
The group created a video tribute to the victims of last March’s tsunami in Japan is stirring and emotional. The point of the terrible disaster is brought forth in a very mature and professional manner.
“We wanted to show our support to the people of Japan and help to raise some money for their relief fund,” said Bobby Cannon. “I think that around $12,000 was raised from that video (and the Relief Concert) and we were happy with the results of that project.”
For some members of Cannon Productions the video was personal as they have family living in affected parts of Japan. The tribute video was played as part of the Tsunami Relief Concert.
Bobby is also working with Cannon Productions on his Eagle Scout project and has developed some videos that were used as advertisements for a recent fundraiser for Brooklyn's Playground and Jordahn Denny, a former Pocatello High School softball pitcher who was paralyzed in May 2010 after being involved in a car accident.
“We are very supportive of Jordahn and what she has had to endure with her accident and recovery,” said Bobby. “We want to help and will give them the videos to use for future events and work toward building the playground into everything the community wants it to be.”
You can find their videos on YouTube by simply going to and searching for Cannon Productions. To date, the posted videos have attracted around 4,500 hits and the group hopes to hit 25,000 by the first of the year.