Tragic love

Staff Writer

I brought a girl to a dance in high school. She looked really great and I could hardly wait for my friends to see me with one of the hottest (albeit edgiest) girls in school.
But as soon as we got to the dance she said she had “a great idea.”
“We’re going to play hide and seek,” she squealed and then practically vanished like a character in Harry Potter.
I looked for this girl for over 30 minutes! My friends kept saying things like, “Sure you have a date,” or, “sure you’re with Jen!”
I’d finally given up hope, and went to leave the gym, when I happened to see two white eyes peering at me – from under the bleachers. Like the scene from a movie I NEVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN my date crouched there, so thrilled that I’d found her. I brought her home – immediately – and never spoke to the “hiding girl” again!

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