Technology relieves publishing woes for local author

BLACKFOOT - Technology is changing the world as we know it, and Blackfoot author Rulon Cammack has found a way to use technology to make one of his dreams come true.

Cammack and his wife Lori have lived in Blackfoot for 35 years They have eight children and 11 grandchildren. He has worked for INL for years, but until recently he has only dreamed of sharing his writings. Cammack has just published a book he has worked on over the past 15 years, "The Soul Collector: A Tale of Time."

“I never really thought I’d actually write a book," said Cammack. "But, I have a minor in History and love researching. I spent two years in France on an LDS mission and I thought I’d take the time to start.”

Cammack struggled for years to gain the attention of a major publishing company before turning to his son-in-law, Michael Johnson, who has introduced him to the new technological world of publishing -- e-book stores online. In just one month, Johnson, owner of Perfect Point Marketing, was able to help Cammack publish his book on every major e-book platform and electronically syndicate it to over eight major retailers.

"I love all of the opportunities that the internet provides and I love helping people and businesses take advantage of those opportunities," said Johnson. "Blackfoot may be a small town, but online there are a world of opportunities."

"The Soul Collector: A Tale of Time" is based on Cammack’s fascination with the news, history and religion. He came up with the idea by realizing there’s a constant battle of good and evil in the world and maybe one could present that conflict while tying it into real history.

“I tried to make it interesting to people by representing events in history that may not be well known, but are significant," said Cammack. “I think an awful
lot of people would love reading this book. There are plenty of people who would like to understand more about history. If you are interested in spirituality or forces around us that are greater than ourselves then you will enjoy this book."

The book doesn’t share any religious doctrine, but the novel talks about the
continuous battle of good and evil.

“I wanted to discuss the conflict from the perspective of a singular person," explains Cammack. "The choice to seek to good or evil is an individual choice but can have far reaching effects.”

Cammack has viewed writing as a possible second career, but he doesn’t think it will replace his current employment.
“As I approach retirement I think I’d do more to research and have more time to write," said Cammack. "I love history, and although I write historical fiction I do try to keep the story as historically factual as possible.”

Cammack has recently finished a complete rough draft on a second title, called "Los Alomos", involving the Germans attempting to kidnap a Danish Nobel Prize Winning physicist who is working the Manhattan Project. The book is also historical fiction but is based on true events and real people.

"The Soul Collector: A Tale of Time" is available for download from the Kindle, iBook, Sony, Nook, and Booktango e-book stores. For more information visit