State board votes to approve college petition

Greg Eichelberger
Staff Writer

During a meeting today, the Idaho State Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution approving a petition submitted by Bingham County Commissioners to expand College of Eastern Idaho Community College District (CEI District) to include Bingham County. This verdict now allows this to be on the November ballot.
"We are really excited about this vote, especially since it was a unanimous decision," said Dan Cravens, Chairman of the Bingham County Republican Committee which has publicly supported the concept. "This culminates months of work by our committee. A win in the recent county vote and now at the state level is very good news."
 In May 2017, Bonneville County voters approved forming the CEI District.  On July 26, 2017, the Bingham County Commissioners presented a petition to the CEI Board of Trustees to join the district. The CEI Board of Trustees approved the petition along with a recommendation to expand, and forwarded both to the State Board office on July 27.
"There are several advantages to becoming part of the District," Cravens said. "We are really excited about the economic development opportunities.
"Plus, an Associates Degree can lead to so many other opportunities and career chances Older people with families can also broaden their educational options, which is a boon to the job market and will offer other great training tools."
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