Stan’s Restaurant sold

BLACKFOOT — Ed and Kaylynn Gorder, familiar faces in the Blackfoot business community, became the new owners of Stan's Restaurant on Friday. The Gorders are the owners of successful local businesses Downtown Bread and Gorder's Honey. Kaylynn has managed the bakery/eatery [Downtown Bread] at 111 W. Bridge St. for the past 7 years, while Ed has run the honey business on Highway 39 for 25 years.
Stan's Restaurant, a landmark along Blackfoot's Highway 91 since 1951, closed abruptly in July leaving patrons, employees and vendors asking "why?" It was later revealed that longtime owner Gregory Richardson had some health problems and could no longer keep up the restaurant. The restaurant was "priced to sale" through Town & Country Real Estate in Blackfoot for $250,000 (which included a pricey liquor license).
Kaylynn said, that like many others, she and Ed drove by Stan's and noticed the "For Sale" sign posted on the property. The prospect of having more space to expand upon their bread and honey businesses is something that appealed to them. About three weeks after touring the building, the Gorders purchased Stan's (for an undisclosed amount of money) under the business name of "Beehive Investment Co." Now, the couple is brimming with new ideas for the restaurant which they plan to reopen under a new name (yet to be decided) by January or February.
"We are so excited to have all the space to take what we're good at...expand on it...and make it better," an enthusiastic Kaylynn exclaimed. "Downtown Bread will be moving. We want to integrate our honey, our rolls, our breads and our sweets into a whole new place that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner."
Kaylynn said they will start by reopening the [Bali Hai] lounge in November with drinks and a light food menu. The restaurant will wait, giving Kaylynn time to get through the busy holiday season at Downtown Bread before packing up and moving.
"We are going into our busiest time of the year; this is not a good time to move our ovens," she said.
In the meantime, the restaurant will undergo a major remodel to create what Kaylynn describes as a "light, cheery and fun family atmosphere."
Kaylynn said she's not sure what will become of the mounted wall fish that were left in the restaurant, part of Stan's old iconic decor, but that the colorful wall murals in the building will be gone. She said the restaurant's tradition as a local meeting place for the Chamber and Rotary Club, etc...will continue.
"There is much work to do and many decisions to be made. Most importantly, we want the transition to be smooth and we don't want to open our doors prematurely. We want to make sure everything is ready," she said.
Kaylynn said that the seven people currently employed with Downtown Bread will all retain their jobs. Eventually, she said they hope to be able to take on up to 15 additional employees at the new restaurant.
The Gorders own the Downtown Bread building and hope to find a renter to fill the space once they move out.
"Change is good...expansion is good," she said. "Blackfoot has been good to us and we are looking forward to offering the community something fresh and new."