Stallings to retire from Blackfoot Fire Department

Fire Captain Craig Stallings will retire next Friday after working 36 years with the Blackfoot Fire Department.
Staff Writer

Fire Captain Craig Stallings will retire next Friday, Sept. 15, after working with the Blackfoot Fire Department for 36 years.
"I started working here when I was 25; it's been a great career," Stallings said. "I farmed for a few years before I got hire one here."
Stallings is a 1974 graduate of Blackfoot HIgh School.
"A lot of things have changed since 1981," he said. "For one, when I started, we had five-man shifts; now we have nine-man shifts because of the increased number of calls. The department probably received about 1,600 calls a year when I started; we have had 3,000 calls so far this year. That's about double."
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