Stalker students celebrate attainment of reading goal

BLACKFOOT —Sixty-five students at Stalker Elementary received free hats, free books and a party to celebrate reaching their reading goals Friday afternoon.
"Every year it gets bigger and bigger," said Jamie Trevino, the representative for the Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) at Stalker Elementary. Last year, 40 kids completed the reading challenge.
"It's because of support from the administration and community, donations and grant writing that we have these gifts to give away," Trevino said.
"The kids are so excited to be able to pull pranks on Mr. [Hal] Silzly [the principal]," Trevino said. "He is such a good sport."
Some of the pranks included Silzly and three teachers attempting to eat cream pies with their hands behind their backs. Their faces looked like "cream surprise."
Silzly also kissed a pig and led the line dance he and the students had learned that day.
VISTA representatives are assigned to schools for three years. During this time they work to make reading fun for students. They also provide opportunities for families to be involved.
Idaho Reads! is a grant opportunity offered by the State Department of Education. It is funded through the Corporation for National and Community Service.