SR trustees discuss AmeriCorps grant

Ashlee Howell, director of the Blackfoot Community Center, discussed an AmeriCorps grant to the trustees on Wednesday. This grant is a collaboration between the Blackfoot Community Center and the Snake River School District.
This grant is a school turn-around grant worth $250,000 per year. The grant is for three years.
Snake River Junior High was chosen because it is the only priority school in this area.
Asked if there were milestones, Howell explained there are quarterly reports.
Students are measured for their academic improvement, behavior and social performance. This program is for Snake River students.
An after school program is open for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from 4-6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Friday school from 8 a.m. to noon is open to any child in the district who could use a little help.
Snake River High School seniors who serve in the after school program or Friday school can earn a $100 monthly stipend, be able to list AmeriCorps experience and gain a $2,775 scholarship at the end of their service.
To sign up for S.M.A.S.H. (Students Mastering & Achieving Superior Heights), the after school program, go to
For information, contact the Blackfoot Community Center at 785-8022, Madalyn Smith at 681-4773 or Mel Winmill at 680-8707.
Snake River trustees approved trip requests for the various sports teams and club activities at the high school at their September board meeting.
Trustees approved the organization of a booster club for Snake River High School.
"The focus of the booster club would be on athletics," said trustee Kent Miller. "The booster club would like to be able to raise money in different ways.
Coaches will be asked what they need and boosters would like to be able to hand off the money for that specific need, said Miller.
Trustees unanimously approved a booster club.
The Snake River School/Community Library has digital books available for checkout on a person's personal electronic device, said library director Sherrilynn Bair. Download the 3M Cloud Library or One Click Digital Apps.
If the Snake River Library can join with the Library Consortium of Eastern Idaho, the number of titles available would increase three times, she said.
"We have 100 ebooks available," said Bair. "Fifty-eight are checked out; six are on hold."
The next Family Reading Night at the library is Monday, Nov. 11.
Trustees discussed the differential pay plan for the district.
"It's a 60-40 split," said superintendent Mark Gabrylczyk. "Sixty percent goes to the staff at each school.
Teachers will give their students pre- and post-tests to determine if students improve by 50 percent.
Teachers in every building participated in determining the structure and distribution of this differential pay, the superintendent said. The total package per teacher would be $1,100.
"The 40 percent used by the district would be distributed to teachers and administrators (not the superintendent) as they attend meetings during Spud Harvest or on Fridays," said Gabrylczyk.