Springfield Park closer to completion

BLACKFOOT — The Springfield Park committee presented an $8,000 check to the Bingham County Commissioners Wednesday. The money will be used for playground equipment at the community's park.
All equipment at the park will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), noted committee member Herb Bohrer.
Committee members started raising funds for this project last March. They have sponsored dinners, swap meets, a fun run and a yard sale.
The yard sale raised $4,000, said Bohrer.
"People from Aberdeen as well as businesses in Blackfoot have contributed for this playground equipment," he said.
Sponsors of the fun run contributed $1,000.
Wheelchair participant Ruth Gneiting and Linda Bohrer led the rest of the pack on the 5K fun run. The youngest participants were 1-year-old Mercedes Shawver and 2-year-old Jakob Klassen. Six-year-old James Perez from California rode a tricycle over the course.
One runner ran the course three times to get the full value out of his registration fee.
Bingham County Parks and Recreation Director Craig Rowland applied for and received a $1,500 grant for this project.
"A lot of older people have contributed [for the park equipment] as well as people who do not have kids at home," Bohrer said. "We just hope it gets used."