Snake River passes parking plan

THOMAS — Members of the Snake River High School student council want to rent parking spaces for student parking at the high school.
"What the council wants to do is number the parking spaces," said SRHS student body president Dexton Lake. "We would charge students $15 per trimester or $40 per year for their own parking spot.
"Each student's parking space would be guaranteed and he/she wouldn't need to drive around the parking lot looking for a parking space," said Lake.
The parking spaces the council plans to number are located at the south end of the parking lot toward the highway, the bottom front strip in the lower parking lot and by the gymnasiums in the upper parking.
About half the parking spaces would be numbered.
A percentage of the money would be used for maintenance of the parking lot and a percentage would be used to support the student council.
"We are hoping that in five years, the student council would raise enough money to send its leadership to Washington, D.C.," said Lake.
The first two days of this rental program will be reserved for seniors, then juniors followed by sophomores and freshmen.
What about enforcement?
"We are working out the details with Resource Office Drew Lusk," said Lake.
Trustees unanimously passed this plan.
Regarding the sale of the Pingree property, district attorney Bryce Lloyd has prepared an affidavit and presented it to a judge.
"As soon as the judge signs it, we can move forward," said superintendent Mark Gabrylczyk.
The district's transportation is running 18 routes presently. The longest time a student is on a bus is about one hour, 15 minutes.
Snake River Junior HIgh students will be served by an Americorps grant.
SRJH is one of 13 schools in the U.S. to receive this grant, said the superintendent.
The enrichment program is developed with the Blackfoot Community Center. An after school program will be offered and students, grades K-12, will be able to attend Friday school.
There have been problems are getting volunteers, said Gabrylczyk. Volunteers, age 55 or older, can earn educational credits for their grandchildren. If students who are at least 17 years old will work at least 900 hours in the junior high, they can earn a $2,700 scholarship.