Snake River district having garage sale at Pingree School

Books, desks, chair, bulletin board are on sale at the Pingree Elementary School from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. today. Each person's memories of the school and his/her time there are thrown in for free.
The garage sale is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. today in hopes of getting rid of the school supplies that have accumulated at the school for the past five years.
"We call it the Pingree Mall," said Snake River High School secretary Sally Nelson.
Friday morning was packed with people wall to wall, said garage sale organizer and SR Musical Director Jana McBride. "It's been a great social; a great sale.
"Even a couple school districts purchased some equipment," she said.
"What's left is really picked over," McBride said, "Lots of desks, bulletin boards and shelving are left as well as some televisions, phones and computers.
"We are also taking bids on the two swing sets out back," she said. "Whoever has the highest bid by the end of Saturday can take them home.
"New black curtains have been purchased for the stage at SRHS," said McBride. "The black curtains from the stage have been dry cleaned and mended and are for sale."
One elderly gentleman came in Friday morning just to walk through the school.
"I remember when the [Pingree] school burnt down," he said. "The school was rebuilt on the same site."
Kathy Parson from Rexburg was visiting her old classroom.
There are lots of memories here.
As of Friday afternoon, close to $3,000 has been raised from this garage sale, with more equipment to be sold.
All proceeds from this sale will be used to support the Snake River School District musical to be produced in March 2014.