Shelley vigil works to prevent domestic violence

 'This problem is everywhere,' said Shelley Police Chief Rod Mohler at the Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil in Shelley on Thursday evening. 'It takes us all to solve this problem.''I am a survivor,' declared Linzi Rednoul at the Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil in Shelley on Thursday evening.Bingham Crisis Center counselor Sarah Osborn played the piece, ‘I can only Imagine’ by Mercy Me at the Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil in Shelley on Thursday evening.Executive Director Scott Smith of the Bingham Crisis Center and his wife, Jamie, release balloons representing victims of domestic abuse on Thursday evening in Shelley.
Staff Writer

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To bring this national tragedy to the forefront, the Bingham Crisis Center has sponsored vigils in Blackfoot and Shelley this week and in Aberdeen next week.
Shelley councilwoman Kim Westergard read a proclamation that stated: “We urge citizens to work together to prevent domestic violence.”
Linzi Rednoul, a Bingham Crisis Center board member and a survivor of domestic abuse spoke about her experience.
“I am a survivor,” she said. “I am not a victim."
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