Scout makes city hall sign his Eagle project

At just 12 years old, Shad Hess wondered why there wasn't a sign in front of Blackfoot City Hall letting people know where the city's businesses is conducted. So, he took it upon himself to make building and erecting a sign his Eagle Scout project.
"How is anyone supposed to know where City Hall is when there is no sign in front of the building?" Hess asked.
Hess said he approached Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue with the idea of the sign and Virtue put him in touch with some local businessmen who donated goods and services to make the sign a reality.
With the help of Premier Technology who donated the metal; Bowers Auto Body, who donated the paint; and Max Herrera, a family friend, who helped with the welding, Hess completed and erected the 10-foot tall sign in front of Blackfoot City Hall on Broadway last month.
Hess, who has since turned 13, said he has a goal to earn 60 merit badges and is currently at 26. He is a member of the Moreland Ward Boy Scout Troop No. 207 under the leadership of Brent Christensen. He is the son of Scott and Jennifer Hess and will be an eighth grader this year at Snake River Junior High School.
"People come up with all kinds of ideas and you never know if they will follow through or not." Virtue said. "What Shad [Hess] did, completing his Eagle Project before the age of 13, is pretty impressive."
Eagle Scout projects are a great way to give back to the community," he added. "I am very pleased. This was a great community effort and is a win-win for everybody."