School board takes field trip

Blackfoot School District Superintendent Brian Kress (foreground) passes out the list of facilities that the school board and district administrators visited on Wednesday evening during the board's work meeting where they inspected recently finished school improvement projects. Receiving the hand-outs from Kress, from left to right: school board trustee Sonya Harris, school board treasurer Bonnie Hepworth and district facilities director Hal Silzly.
Catie Clark

The Blackfoot school board, accompanied by members of the district leadership committee and other district administrators, held a work meeting where they visited six of the district's schools to inspect several of the improvement projects which were completed over the summer.
"We'll be visiting the biggest projects we did," Kress said to the board and others as he handed out the itinerary for the school visits. "We won't visit all the schools, but we will visit those that have similar projects (to the ones not visited)."
The board members and district administrators piled into two vehicles and left the district offices shortly after 6 p.m. for the trips to the different facilities on the itinerary. Kress estimated that all six visits would take approximately two hours.
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