Rupe's two man names winners

Staff Writer

BLACKFOOT - The annual Rupe's Two Man Tournament, one of the most anticipated and prestigious tournaments on the calendar each year at the Blackfoot Municipal Golf Course, concluded play on Sunday with the team of Greg Long and Drew Damron winning for the third time in the 18 year history of the event.
"We look forward to this tournament every year and the fact that we have won it three times does not enter into that decision," Drew Damron said. "This is a good tournament, it is run well, the course is in good shape and has a great sponsor in the Rupe family."
Damron and Long opened the tournament on Saturday with a fine 64 playing two different formats. The first nine holes of the tournament was played under Chapman rules, with the second nine holes under a scramble format.
"A lot of teams seemed to struggle with the Chapman format," Greg Long said. "We have played it before, so it wasn't unfamiliar to us and then we capitalized on some good holes in the scramble format."
Even with the good start, Damron and Long were not in the lead after the opening round. That honor belonged to the team of John Hagar and Bruce Herbst who were able to check in with a sterling 62 opening round score.
"We were paired up with the leaders in the second round, so we were able to watch how they were playing," Damron said. "When we saw that they were struggling a bit in the wind, we tried to take advantage of it and were fortunate to come home in front."
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