Rotary Club presents new mascot statue to BHS

Blackfoot High School has a new addition.  On Thursday high school administrators unveiled a new mascot statue: a rearing bronco which stands 10 feet tall.
The bucking bronco statue is the 2013 service project of the Blackfoot Rotary Club.  
"Our goal is to make our world and our nation and our community better places," said club president David Cannon.  "This year's service project will rally school spirit, as well as a sense of unity among the community."
Cannon's grandfather was an active member in the Rotarian community until his final years.
"My grandfather's dream was to have a kid or grandchild who would continue on the family legacy by becoming a Rotarian. So I decided to join for my grandpa," said Cannon.
Cannon was named the Rotary Club president in July 2013, and is expected to serve a one-year stint.
Members of the Rotary Club decided in July to move forward with the bronco statue as their service project.  Since then, they have turned to the local business community for help funding the project.  
"The best part of this experience has been to rub shoulders with lots and lots of people and businesses here locally who enthusiastically gave in order to make this project happen," Cannon said.
 Donations were sought at three different levels: gold, silver and bronze.  Gold donors included Walmart; Dennis S. Hatch, DDS; Bingham Memorial Hospital; Basic American Foods; Idaho Central Credit Union; Despain Construction; Cannon Law; and On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration.  
Silver donors included Rupe's; ISU Credit Union; Dennis N. Marshall, OD; and Zions Bank.  
Bronze donors included Blacker's; Melina's; The Bank of Commerce; VanOrden, Lund & Cannon; Edward Jones; Harper-Leavitt; ALSCO; and Barnes Physical Therapy.  
"The excitement of the community and the willingness on the part of so many to contribute financially to make this project happen has been awesome," Cannon said.
The bronco statue stands on a newly-poured concrete pad, and is flanked by three travertine slabs on either side-- standing six, five and four feet tall. They recognize the contributions that helped make the project possible and the sponsorship of the project by the Blackfoot Rotary Club.
The company which made the statue is based in Colorado. To save money gold contributor Derek Preece, owner of On the Spot Cleaning and Restoration, went out of his way to drive to Colorado to get it and bring it back to Blackfoot.
The company which created the rock plaques, Idaho Travertine, was the same company which made the "Welcome to Blackfoot" sign.
The statue project was unveiled in a festive noon-time school assembly, complete with music from the BHS band and hot dogs provided by the Blackfoot High School administration to all in attendance.
"The unveiling is truly a realization of a dream," said Cannon.
"It was great to work with Principal John Pearce and vice principal Lori Kay and the other high school personnel that made this project and the unveiling party possible," Cannon said.  "As a service club, we are thrilled be able to give something of beauty to the school and the community.  We hope that this great bronco statue will be a source of school pride and school spirit, and that it will be fun and exciting and unifying for the community."