Ricks begins write-in campaign for Blackfoot mayor

The City of Blackfoot confirmed on Monday that a seventh person - Kurt Williams Ricks- has declared intent to run for Blackfoot nayor. Since the deadline to file for candidacy has passed, Ricks will run as a write-in candidate.
While Ricks' name won't officially be on the ballot, he joins fellow candidates Dan Cravens, Rick Bigler, Carlos Mercardo, Carlos Martinez, Paul Loomis and John Hoobler in his quest for Blackfoot's top leadership position.
Ricks, who has lived in Blackfoot for 15 years, says he is a concerned citizen who sees some problems in the city.
Raised in the Rexburg area and a graduate of Idaho State University, Ricks believes his education in social work and his experience in a variety of jobs including construction, driving truck and working in the potato industry has given him the knowledge and insight on how a city should run "with respect for every citizen."
Ricks is currently unemployed and willing to put his full focus on being mayor.
"I want to be mayor of Blackfoot," he said. "This town has some serious problems, many that could be solved with a little respect for our fellow man."
He went on, "I see a lot of roads that need work; there are places in town where the speed needs to be reduced and areas where there are big piles of junk."
Ricks said he believes that the mayoral position should be about "service" and not about "politics or money." He said he would like to see the mayor's salary decreased so that another city employee can be hired to help with more city projects.
Ricks said he would also like to see marijuana usage decriminalized, saying, "People should be able to use marijuana at their own discretion and not be made into criminals."
"I'm not afraid to dig in and work. I want to help people out. Please consider me for mayor of the great city of Blackfoot," he said.