Remembering President George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush greets Nancy McCarthy Hallowell at a Points of Light Ceremony in the White House on May 1, 1992. Hallowell is the sister-in-law of Morning News reporter Leslie Mielke
Staff Writer

President George H.W. Bush emphasized a kinder, gentler nation throughout his administration. He was known for his "Thousand Points of Light" initiative.
On Friday, May 1, 1992, Nancy McCarthy Hallowell of Denver, Colorado, the sister-in-law of Morning News reporter Leslie Mielke, was recognized during a Points of Light Ceremony in the White House.
"This initiative really encouraged community service and volunteerism," Hallowell said.
"During the (Points of Light) luncheon, I recall the woman at his table spilled some water. You can imagine she was very embarrassed. The president, without missing a beat, put her at ease saying, 'That's bother, dear. You should see what I just did in Tokyo.' (It was shortly after had had passed out and fallen under a table at a state dinner in Japan.)"
"At the end of the lunch, he stood up and said something to the effect, 'I am enjoying my lunch with you very much and I hope you all are, too, but we do have some important business to do.'"
Hallowell explained: "That would have been the ceremony for which we had come. He continued: 'I don't want you to rush but let's finish up here so we can all go down to the ceremony together.' He was just incredibly polite, welcoming and gracious."
"I've been sad the whole week about the death of President Bush," she said. "He was every bit the gentleman and gracious person people have said he was."