Questions raised about B-2 Technologies

Catie Clark

Gary Carter Jr. gave a presentation on his proposed business venture to the Blackfoot City Council on September 4. As CEO of B-2 Technologies, Carter outlined his plans for a factory and other development aimed at the old sugar factory property on the north end of Blackfoot. B-2 Technologies is an Idaho business which was incorporated in October, 2017.
Carter's father owns the rights to a patent for a three-in-one welder-generator-compressor designed by Donald Ambrose, an inventor from Minnesota. B-2 Technologies proposed to manufacture Ambrose's three-in-one machine in Blackfoot.
Upon investigation, the Morning News has learned that this is not the first attempt by the Carters to build a business around Ambrose's invention.
The Carters founded two businesses, Believer's Two Inc. and Cheetah Machines Inc. in the Chicago area with the aim of manufacturing Ambrose's design. Their fundraising efforts included selling stock in their business venture in 2010. The State of Illinois investigated alleged improprieties with how that stock was marketed and sold.
In 2010, Believer's Two was involuntarily dissolved. In 2011, the Illinois Secretary of State subsequently "Permanently PROHIBITED" Gary Carter Sr., Gary Carter Jr., Cheetah Machines Inc. and Believer's Two Inc. "from offering or selling any securities in or from the State of Illinois."
The Illinois Orders of Prohibition are part of the public record and can be read at: and