P&Z draft ordinance nears completion

BLACKFOOT — Planning and Zoning (P&Z) commissioners worked on completing the final details on the Bingham County Proposed Zoning Ordinance last Wednesday.
They discussed three points. These included commercial wind turbines, transmission lines and animal units.
To the wind turbines section was added the point that the commercial wind turbines would be three times the total tower height (blade tip to ground level) from the external boundaries of the project or less than 45 dbs per manufacturer's listing from the nearest existing residence, school, hospital, church, place of employment or public library, unless mitigation has taken place.
"This will make it consistent," said P&Z Director Allen Jensen.
Regarding transmission lines, the commissioners added sub-point 7.36.4. This sub-point will state, "Application must include all signatures of landowners the transmission line crosses."
Commissioner Taralee Carter will bring the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommendations for animal units to the next P&Z hearing on Nov. 9.
"We are going to compare the USDA recommendations with the public testimony we have received," said commission chair Ann Christensen.
The proposed ordinance will be reviewed by the P&Z commissioners at their November hearing. If it is approved, copies of the proposed zoning ordinance will be made available to the public. A public hearing will be set after these procedures are complete.

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