Process for filling trustee vacancy

Last Friday, Blackfoot School Board Trustee Scott Reese resigned from his position on the board. His resignation created a vacancy.
To fill the vacancy, the board will follow the Idaho State Code and the Blackfoot School Board Policy, said Margaret Contor, District 55 administrative assistant.
“At the next board meeting—on Feb. 21--the trustees will take action on the letter of resignation,” she said.
Idaho Code 33-504 and Blackfoot Board Policy 248 state: “A vacancy will be declared by the board … within thirty (30) days of when any trustee will … resign as trustee.”
Six other reasons are listed besides resignation. These include a trustee’s death or he/she moved out of the zone he/she represents.
The school board must appoint someone to fill the vacancy within 90 days of “the declaration of vacancy.”
It continues, “If, after ninety (90) days, the board is unable to appoint a trustee from the zone vacated, the board may appoint a person at-large from within the boundaries of the district to serve as the trustee from the zone where the vacancy occurred.
“Otherwise, after one hundred twenty (120) days from the declaration of vacancy, the board will refer the matter to the board of county commissioners in which it is situated, and request that the board of county commissioners appoint a trustee to fill the vacancy.”
The person who is appointed to this vacancy will complete Reese’s term. He/she has the option to run for this office in May 2015.
Since Reese was also the Blackfoot School Board chairman, Vice Chairman Peter Lipovac will become the chairman.
Jenny Hong is the other officer on the board. She serves as the board’s clerk/treasurer.
Trustees Mary Jo Marlow and Dr. Taylor Johansen complete the board.
School trustees vote on organization, i.e., leadership, of the board each July.