Premier Technology and city team up on landscaping project

BLACKFOOT — What was once a giant patch of weeds outside the Blackfoot Animal Shelter has been transformed into a well manicured green lawn with a manmade brook leading into a scenic pond.
Nearly two months in the works, the landscaping project was a joint effort between Premier Technology and the City of Blackfoot. Christi Kotter, a controller at Premier Technology who helped on the project, said, "Doug Sayer [Premier Technology president] was working on his own property here and saw a need to help the neighbor [Blackfoot Animal Clinic] next door."
Sayer, Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue, city workers and Premier Technology employees cleaned up all the weeds, installed a sprinkler system, laid the sod and brought in rock for the pond, resulting in a green and tranquil environment for both Premier Technology and Blackfoot Animal Clinic to enjoy.
"Doug [Sayer] saw a need," Kotter noted. "Anything people can do to help improve the community should be done. People should step up and help if they can."