Precinct boundaries change

BLACKFOOT — Bingham County commissioners approved changes to precinct boundaries in the county last Thursday. The precinct lines have been adjusted to more closely match the county's school districts, said Election Director Marlene Jensen.
A total of 318 people will be affected by this change.
If an elector's voting precinct has been changed, he/she will be notified by mail prior to Nov. 1, Jensen said.
Commissioners also voted to make Atomic City Bingham County's first mail ballot precinct.
A mail ballot precinct is consistent with absentee voting, Jensen said.
In a mail ballot precinct, all ballots for every election conducted by the county will be sent to every voter by mail.
Idaho State Statute 34-308 establishes mail ballot precincts. Any precinct that contains no more than 125 electors may become a mail ballot precinct.
There are 39 households in Atomic City with 19 registered voters.
Half of the population of Atomic City attended their city council meeting when this subject was presented, Jensen said.
"The people were enthusiastic about it," Jensen said. "They live in an isolated area. This is a good fit for them."
Atomic City's mail ballot precinct has been named Precinct number 26.
The next election is Tuesday, Nov. 8, across the state. Voters will elect specific city officers as well as board members for cemetery, fire and ambulance districts and the permanent ambulance override.
People interested in serving on the cemetery or fire and ambulance districts have until 5 p.m. Friday to declare their write-in declaration of candidacy. Check with the clerk of the specific board to apply.