Police seeking hit-and-run vehicle

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot Police Department is investigating a hit and run that occurred on December 30, 2012 at 12:22 a.m.
A vehicle traveling North on Meridian at Jensen Grove Drive failed to stop at the stop sign, slid through the intersection and crashed into the fence at the entrance to Jensen’s Grove. The vehicle then left the scene.
The vehicle appears to be a mid to late 90’s Chevy pickup with an extended cab. The Blackfoot Police were able to see the accident on security footage.
A specific color of the vehicle is difficult to determine but it is a light color. There may be damage to the front of the truck to the hood and or front bumper. Damages to the fence on the property were in excess of $1500. If anyone has any information on the vehicle or the accident, please contact the Blackfoot Police Department at 785-1234.