Police Log

Items of note from March 7-

Blackfoot Police

BURGLARY: March 7, 6:52 p.m.: A caller said three checks totaling $1250 were taken from the business' drop box on Sunday.

NO AIR: March 8, 12:56 a.m.: A man said someone let the air out of all four of his tires.

BEER THEFT: March 8, 5:43 p.m.: A caller at the Short Stop reported the theft of a case of beer. An arrest was made.

A BAD FEELING: March 9, 3:17 a.m.: A woman said she hasn't seen her nephew, but has a feeling that he is there. An arrest was made.

PRESCRIPTION FRAUD: March 11, 1:32 p.m.: A caller at Walgreens said he has a prescription that has been called in fraudulently.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: March 13, 3:41 p.m.: A caller requested to have someone check on a man on Meridian St. who is wearing a hazmat suit and is transferring chemicals from barrels.

SUSPICIOUS BOTTLES: March 13, 5 p.m.: A woman said she found 10 two-liter bottles with some seeds and with she opened a bottle it started hissing.

CAR VS CAN: March 15, 12 p.m.: A caller said someone threw a garbage can at her vehicle during the night and shattered the windshield.

Bingham County Sheriff

MASKED MAN: March 12, 8:36 p.m.: A caller at Gas&Scrub said a man came into the store with a mask and was looking around. An arrest was made.

THROWN FROM VEHICLE: March 13, 3:46 a.m.: Dispatch received a report of a female that was thrown from a vehicle on Highway 91.

NOT A DOG PERSON: March 13, 6:07 p.m.: A caller said a heavyset male pulled out a gun and said he was going to shot a dog if it didn't stop barking.

PAINT-BALLED: March 14, 8:01 p.m.: A caller in Shelley said his daughter's car was paint-balled.

VEHICLE EGGED: March 14, 11:40 p.m.: A caller said their vehicle was egged.

SHOVEL VS WINDOW: March 15, 9:31 a.m.: A caller at Stop & Shop said someone has thrown a snow shovel through the window.

DANGEROUS NOISE: March 15, 2:45 p.m.: A woman said there is an 18-wheeler that has had the engine running for 45 minutes. She said she has partial brain damage and the sound causes her to have seizures.

AX VS WINDOW: March 15, 4:45 p.m.: A caller said their daughter left their vehicle at Firth High School and someone put an ax through the windshield. They said the ax is still inside the vehicle.

UNDERAGE DRINKING: March 16, 9:38 p.m.: A caller said there are 20 juveniles drinking near the archery range and Rose Ponds.

Shelley Police

BAD EXAMPLES: March 8, 7:14 p.m.: A caller reported a fight at Shelley High School. They said two parents punched each other.

THEFT: March 14, 5:18 p.m.: A caller said someone just took his skateboard.

Aberdeen Police

BURGLARY: March 11, 1:11 p.m.: A man said someone has entered his garage and taken his power tools.

MILK: March 11, 6:10 p.m.: A caller at Stokes reported a juvenile is stealing from the store. They said the youth is in the store with a gallon of milk under his sweater.