Police Log

Items of note from July 18-27.

Blackfoot Police

CHUCKY?: July 18, 9:10 p.m.: A man said he found a doll holding a knife on a bathroom sink. He thinks it happened while he was out of town.

BURGLARY: July 20, 4:17 p.m.: A man said he had some wheels and tires stolen from a truck parked on W. Bridge St.

INCOMING EGG: July 21, 12:10 a.m.: A man said someone has thrown an egg at the back of his vehicle.

PROWLER: July 21, 12:09 a.m.: A man said there is a prowler outside his house.

PRESCRIPTION FRAUD: July 21, 1:39 p.m.: A caller at Ridley's reported a female trying to obtain a prescription for pain medication. An arrest was made.

MEAT SALESMAN: July 21, 7:12 p.m.: A caller said a man just came to the door attempting to sell meat.

STOLEN BIKES: July 22, 7:31 a.m.: A caller reported four adult mountain bikes stolen from the fairgrounds.

KIDS IN THE TRASH: July 22, 12 p.m.: A caller said three children are getting into the dumpster by the pawn shop.

???: July 22, 2:19 p.m.: A woman reported that someone is in her toilet.

GAS THEFT: July 22, 4:58 p.m.: A caller at Maverik said a vehicle left without paying for $82 in gas.

ANIMAL ABUSE: July 22, 5:49 p.m.: A man said one of his neighbors is beating a dog.

KIDS BIKES: July 23, 8:13 a.m.: A caller said there is two kids bikes (one is red) by the road at McAdoo St. and Lansing. They said nobody is around and requested someone come pick up the bikes.

MEN WATCHING KIDS: July 23, 4:43 p.m.: A caller said a man is continually at Jensen Grove watching the children swim. They said he is often there with another man who has a mustache.

NUDE PHOTOS: July 23, 9:58 p.m.: A man said another man keeps calling and asking for nude photos of him and his fiancee.

ROSE BUSH: July 24, 11:02 a.m.: A woman said a man and woman stole her rose bush.

FORE!: July 24, 12:21 p.m.: A caller said there is a man practicing his golfing in the field area at Ridge Crest Elementary.

FLYS IN THE TRASH: July 24, 11:52 a.m.: A caller said there is something wrapped in a large tarp in the garbage in the alley. They said the item is covered with flies and some type of fluid.

MOLESTATION: July 24, 7:13 p.m.: A social worker reported a sexual molestation.

STALKER: July 24, 9:42 p.m.: A woman requested an officer because she is being stalked by a man she doesn't know. She said he continually drives by her residence and circles the block when she is outside.

BAD SALESMAN: July 25, 8:16 p.m.: A caller said a man is being aggressive when trying to sell magazines.

LOUD TALKING: July 25, 10:58 p.m.: A caller reported some loud talking at the fairgrounds and asked for someone to have them quiet down.

MASKED INTRUDER: July 26, 1:38 a.m.: A woman said a man wearing a black mask entered her home and then hit and threatened her and told her to tell the judge that her ex-husband gets the children half of the time or he would come back and harm her.

BAD DOCTOR: July 27, 12:31 p.m.: A man said his wife was touched inappropriately by a doctor.