Petition to save dogs in September incident

Photo by Greg Eichelberger
Greg Eichelberger
Staff Writer

A petition is currently be distributed online regarding an effort to save two of the dogs involved in a Sept. 25 attack on a woman on Pacific Street in Blackfoot, "Tokyo" and "Nilla B," from being euthanized. Troy Smith, owner of the animals in question, was charged with three misdemeanor counts (including Harboring Vicious Animals). Selena Mlynek was attacked by three pit bull canines while trying to defend her pet dog which was under attack from the trio. She suffered severe injuries including multiple bites to her face and body. She was immediately transferred to EIRMC in idaho Falls.
The petition alleges that Mlynek was trying to break up a "dog fight" when she was attacked. The document also states that these canines were not involved and had no blood on them. "This has become more about media attention and the types of dogs 'Tokyo' and 'Nilla B' are instead of trying to find the truth,"it read. Currently, there are 1,600 signatures of persons who want the animals to be saved.