Panthers down Sugar-Salem, earn berth at state

Staff Writer

State play-in games are always dicey affairs. Coaches wonder if they have pushed their team too much, is one more game just another game or will the players come out and play hard and really try to get to the state tournament.
On Monday, the Snake River Panthers, fresh from a pair of tough defeats at the hands of the Marsh Valley Eagles, faced off with the Sugar-Salem Diggers, a team that was used to being in the state tournament and almost took it for granted that this game was theirs from the first pitch. There was a sense of arrogance in the way that the Diggers warmed up and took the field. The Panthers were having none of that and they went about their business in an aggressive manner and when the game was only three innings old, they held a 6-0 lead over the Diggers and they just kept on going. The final, when all the dust cleared and the teams were loading on their busses, was Snake River 10, Sugar-Salem 5.
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