Panther grapplers sweep conference duel with Beavers and Bears

For the Morning News
RIVERSIDE —  The colossal match up of Snake River, Bear Lake and American Falls met Wednesday night in Riverside for a hard fought night of wrestling. The night started off with JV wrestling on one mat and American Falls vs Bear Lake varsity wrestling on the other mat. After Bear Lake and American Falls’ varsity ended and while the JV matches were still going, SR and Bear Lake took to the mat at the 152 weight class with back to back pins by Zane Stephenson and Cash Cardona.

The next match was Molina against Teeples. After a hard fought match by both opponents, the third round ended with a tie. With one second to go in the next round,  Bear Lake ended with a penalty and Molina got one point to win the match. By the time the panther came around to the 98 pound classification, SR was up on Bear Lake 25 to 10. Treyton Nilsson pinned Arnell in the first round which brought up Jake Frost against Bear Lake’s Brogan. Frost would get up by 10 points before eventually winning by pin in the second round. The JV matches were ending on the other mat. The SR grapplers did awesome winning 10 of their 14 matches.  By the end of the second round of the next match, SkyLerr Valentine was up 13 to 4 against Brogan. This was a hard fought match for both opponents and they both look exhausted by the beginning of the third round. Valentine’s experience helped him secure the win by major decision. Wyatt Vogler would pin Roath in 30 seconds and Shawn Turpin would pin Donahue with less than 30 seconds left in the first round. The final score was SR 70, Bear Lake 10.
                Next up to wrestle were the Panthers against the American Falls Beavers starting at the 160 pound weight class. Cash Cardona would start SR off with a win by pin 30 seconds into the first round. American Falls would fight back with a couple of wins of their own. Once the heavyweight classification began, AF was up in points over SR when Hayden Sutton took the mat against Swanson. Hayden would wrestle hard and get close call after close call near falls. You could hear Hayden’s teammates and the crowd yelling and urging him on to “keep the hold”, “get heavy”, “squeeze!” as Hayden put the finishing moves on his opponent and won by pin. American Falls would have 3 forfeits at SR’s lighter weight classifications which would bring up Kaden Bench at 120 against Chacon. These two grapplers were matched up perfectly. By the end of the second round, the score was tied 4 to 4 and the match was a nail-biter with Bench trying to get Chacon to his back for back points to get the advantage. Bench was able to get those points but then Chacon reversed the move and got the 2. As both crowds yelled, Bench was able to pull out the win 8 to 6. When the last match between Zane Stephenson and Glascock started, SR was 39 and AF was 38. This last match would determine winner between the two schools. Both opponents looked strong and ready to put up a fight. Stephenson got an early take down and held on to the lead as he worked different holds to try to get back points. The panther crowd was ecstatic as Zane got the win by major decision and SR was able to win over one of their wrestling rivals. The final score of the night was Snake River 43, American Falls 38.Coach Gardner said, “I was happy with our kids, they did what they were asked to do against American Falls. Some of those matches with Bear Lake were tough also. It was good preparation for the Tiger-Grizz tournament this weekend and we know what we need to do to prepare for the districts coming up.”  The Snake River grapplers will travel to Idaho Falls this weekend for the annual Tiger-Grizz tournament.
Snake River 43, American Falls 38
  98 Nilsson (won by forfeit)
106 Frost (won by forfeit)
113 Valentine (won by forfeit)
120 Bench (won by points) vs Chacon
126 Stephenson (won by pin) vs Longoria
132 Vogler vs Hohenfield (won by pin)
138 Turpin vs Torres (won by tech)
145 Summers vs Burgemeister (won by pin)
152 Stephenson vs Glascock
160 Cardona (won by pin) vs Heuber
170 Molina vs Grover (won by pin)
182 Smith vs Gallegos (won by points)
195 Thomas vs Sherburne (won by pin)
220 Bott vs Model (won by pin)
285 Sutton (won by pin) vs Swanson
Snake River 71, Bear Lake 10
  98 Nilsson (won by pin) vs Arnell
106 Frost (won by pin) vs Brogan
113 Valentine (won by maj dec) vs Brogan
120 Bench (won by forfeit)
126 Stephenson (won by pin) vs Clemons
132 Vogler (won by pin) vs Roath
138 Turpin (won by pin) vs Donahue
145 Summers (won by forfeit)
152 Stephenson (won by pin) vs Eborne
160 Cardona (won by pin) vs Roberts
170 Molina (won by points) vs Teeples
182 Smith vs Hyde (won by maj dec)
195 Thomas (won by maj dec) vs Hammond
220 Bott vs Larsen (won by pin)
285 Sutton (won by forfeit)