Officials break ground at Portneuf

POCATELLO — In about a year, Portneuf Medical Center will have a new cancer center. It will open at the same time as the hospital's new facility does the summer of 2011.
"This is really a historic day for the people of Pocatello and all of Eastern Idaho," said Dr. Scott Pierson, a medical oncologist and hematologist at the current cancer center.
Speaking to a small group of cancer survivors and other dignitaries at a ground-breaking ceremony on Sept. 16, Pierson noted that medical and radiation oncology will be under one roof in the new facility.
Stephen Weeg, vice president of the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation, called the new cancer center, "the crowning achievement for our new hospital.
"Having the care locally, over time, is so critically important," Weeg added.
Dr. Michael Callaghan, a radiation oncologist at the cancer center, said, "the citizens of Southeast Idaho have made it very clear that this is what they wanted."