Nuart gets new marquee

A new marquee at Nuart Theater is put up on Friday. The sign is not yet complete.
Staff Writer

Members of the community have seen a big change this week at the historic Nuart Theatre in downtown Blackfoot. Starting at the beginning of the week with the removal of the old marquee.
On Thursday, a new marquee was installed, the culmination of several years worth of effort from the Blackfoot Community Players Board of Directors, who own the theatre.
According to Sharon Hoge, President of Blackfoot Community Players, volunteering at the Nuart is a balancing act between creating a building that actually functions as a working theatre and trying to maintain the historic integrity of the building.
“At every single turn, people comment to us that they didn’t know that we were doing a show at the Nuart or that they never hear about auditions,” Hoge said. “We needed a way to communicate to the public that this was a living, breathing, working theatre. We want to put people on the stage that want that opportunity and we need to put people in the seats to watch them. That only happens if people know what is going on with the theater.”
To read the complete story, see it in the Saturday, Dec. 16, edition of the Morning News.