Neighborhood picnic honors seniors

Edith Rogers talks with one of the residents of Bingham Housing in Firth during the picnic on Saturday.
Staff Writer

Neighbors gathered together at the annual “American Party” on Saturday afternoon at the Bingham Housing complex in Firth.
This is the 10th anniversary of this event. Neighbors who live in the complex and neighbors in the area are invited to this picnic.
Firth councilmen Mike Rogers buys and barbecues the meat. Residents provide salads and desserts. This year, steaks, brats, hamburgers and hot dogs were served.
“Mike has been doing this every year since he got out of the Navy,” his mother, Edith Rogers said. “It keeps people together; if anyone is in need, they know we are here.”
Asked why he hosts the picnic, Rogers said, “These people appreciate it. It always takes place the weekend after the Fourth, so my mom calls it an American Party.”
He added, “This is a far cry from where we started--gathered around a picnic table. More people come each year.”
The party lasted from 2-5 p.m.
“People will sit out here and visit until sunset,” he said.
Rogers also hosts a Christmas party the week before Christmas. He buys and prepares the meat; the Bingham Housing residents supply the desserts and salads.
Bingham Housing is located at 103 S. Franklin in Firth.