Natalia Moncada Bingo

Natalia Moncada Bingo peacefully passed away at St. Luke's Hospital on Oct. 16, 2012 surrounded by her daughter Julie, grandson Alex, friends Brandy, Christine, Reggie, Tom and Chaplain LouRae while we said a prayer and sang Holy, Holy. The staff at St. Luke’s did all they could and where very kind and comforting to my mom and family.   
Natalia was born in Derry, New Mexico, to parents Tomas and Juanita Moncada.  She grew up and attended school in Salem, New Mexico.  That is where she met my father Herch Bingo.  They soon got married on Oct. 16., 1963.   Herch and Natalie soon moved to Southern California where her sisters, Andrea and Celia lived.  My brother Leonard Ray Bingo was born there in1965. They moved to Blackfoot and I was born, Juliana Bingo in 1966.  They settled down and Mom started to work at AMI in Pocatello, Id. She made many friends; one of the most special was Barbara Mickelsen who became one of the family. 
Mom was laid off like many others and she found work at Basic American Potato. My father passed away on Nov. 11, 2004 and Mom retired and lived with my brother Leon until she decided to move to Boise.  She lived with her daughter who treasured every moment she had with her Mom.  
Mom found Jesus again and attended Calvary Chapel.  She love hearing Pastor Bob's sermons and enjoyed the messages that were given.She loved her dogs Paco and Eddie. 
 Natalia was survived by her brother, Pablo; her sisters, Andrea and Celia; many nieces and nephews,; her son, Leon and his son, Zachary, and her daughter, Julie and her two grandsons, Alexander and wife Kali and soon to be great-grandson Jude and  Brandon. 
She was preceded in death by her parents, Tomas and Juanita, her sister, Juanita and her husband, Herch. 
 The memorial service will be at Calvary Chapel, 123 Auto Drive, Boise, preschool room 100, Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m.