MVMS students get reward

BLACKFOOT – With a new dress code policy, budget cuts, and high expectations what are students at Mountain View Middle School supposed to do? On Friday that answer was celebrate and have fun!
It is principal Brian Kress' first year at the helm of MVMS. He says that when the 2010-2011 school year started he knew he was asking and expecting a lot from his students. A recent review of the student body's overall performance pleased Kress and he decided it warranted a reward.
"The kids have stepped up and have done a lot of positive things," said Kress. "We have seen so few difficulties with the dress code. Tardies are dramatically down and school-wide we have a grade point average between B and B+ — how can you not reward that?"
Students were given a free hour outside where music played and four large inflatable toys were available. I-pods were allowed and, even though cell phones and texting were prohibited, the students appreciated that their behavior was recognized.
Student Dominique Tendoy said, "this is really a lot of fun. I didn't think a principal would ever do this for us."
Another student, Alexa Rodriguez, said, "I think it's a fun way to reward kids and motivate us to do even better."
Every year students are required to pay an activity fee which goes into a fund. Kress said "the fund is supposed to be used to benefit the entire school and I chose to reward all the students with student-generated funds."
"This is wonderful because it works," said MVMS attendance secretary LuAnne Hale. "When the students do something positive they deserve to be recognized for it."