Moreland kindergartners enjoy Ag Day

Kindergartners at Moreland Elementary enjoyed a day filled with adventure on Thursday.
Kindergartners circled through 10 activities. Each activity lasted 30 minutes.
The activities included:
° Smores and an obstacle course
° Rockets and kites
° Bugs
° Idaho Fish & Game
° Planting a tree
° Hayride
° The Idaho Farm Bureau provided a wheat adventure. (Students ground wheat for pancakes.)
° The Idaho Farm Bureau also brought Maggie the milk cow. Kindergartners made butter that was put on their pancakes.
° The Dalley family brought a rancher's roundup, including horse rides.
° A dance step
"We've done this for the last three year," said Ralph Dalley. "It's cool. All these kids are great little kids.
The Dalley family brings camping gear, calves and horses.
Each kindergartner had a horse ride.
Dalley asked the students what they knew about horses.
"Don't kick them," said one kindergartner.
"Yes, that would make the horse go faster," said Dalley. "We want to have the horses go slow today.
The Dalleys bring along some of the by-products from cows. These products include a basketball, a rope, plastic, shoes and make-up.
"They gain a better understanding of all the products from a cow and learn about the life cycle of an animal," he said.
"[All the activities are designed] to give the kindergartners an opportunity to experience agriculture," said kindergarten teacher Lisa Warren.
"We live in an agriculture area," she said. "Many of these children have not had the opportunity to ride a horse.
"The community gives us tremendous support," said Warren.
The kindergartners drew pictures of Cattle are amazing!
One kindergartner drew the entire circle, from birth to grocery story. The student's explanation said, "Cattle are amazing because when they have their baby the baby falls out and drinks the milk from the mom. Sometimes I go to the store and buy milk froth momma cow."