Missing boy found safe

BLACKFOOT – As the sun started to set in Blackfoot Monday night, fears began to rise. When 9-year-old Isaac Patton Green did not arrive home from school, officers began searching the area around Ridge Crest Elementary and Jensen Grove, it was not until 7:51 p.m. that the call came announcing he had been found.
The fourth grader was last seen by Principal Colin Folsam as buses were loading at the close of school. At 5 p.m. a Code Red was sent out via telephone alerting residents of a missing child. Teachers flooded into the school parking lot to call classmates while officials from the sheriff’s department, the police department, and Citizens on Patrol (COP) searched.
“Most kids turn up within 45 minutes to an hour,” said Sgt. Jeff Mosbrucker, incident command. “To say we were worried is an understatement.”
Mosbrucker confirmed that they had been in touch with the FBI and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children was prepping flyers.
Mosbrucker and his team set up a command central in the parking lot of Ridge Crest Elementary where they continually updated and marked a map showing every area that had been searched.
In addition to official searchers, the area was swamped with neighbors, concerned citizens, even teenagers who were taking the child’s photo door to door trying to help.
Dennis and Deone Kawamura were on their bikes and told officials “we’ll move until dark” and they did.
The call came across radios announcing his safe return just as the sun set.
“This is the happiest ending ever,” said Isaac’s father Curtis Green moments after the child returned home. “I can never explain how much appreciation I have for this city. I’d like to thank every single person that has been searching. I wish I could personally tell each one thank you!”
Curtis, who is the manager of Flying J, said Isaac was found around Sexton Street by the husband of his assistant manager. He said the child was scared but happy to be home.
“I feel extremely relieved,” said Cpl. Greg Austin who spent the evening with the family. “In 15 years, this is the longest I have had to search for a kid.”
At the end of the night officials stood in a dark parking lot grateful that the best possible outcome was now reality.
“If anybody ever has a kid show up at their home, please call their parents,” said Mosbrucker. “This is a good ending and we are so happy Isaac is home tonight.”