Miss Shoshone-Bannock Queen crowned

Crystal Ariwite, last year's Miss Sho-Ban Queen, secures the crown on the 2018-2019 Miss Sho-Ban Queen, Sequoia Pahvitse-Auck on Friday evening at the Shoshone-Bannock Festival.  After Sequoia Pahvitse-Auck was crowned Miss Shoshone-Bannock, she led her family and friends in an honor dance on Friday evening at the Shoshone-Bannock Festival. MIss Shoshone-Bannock Sequoia Pahvitse-Auck leads an honor dance.
Staff Writer

Sequoia Pahvitse-Auck was crowned the Shoshone-Bannock Queen on Friday evening. Jennie Whitehorse was named First Attendant. Nature Ariwite is Second Attendant and Bree Baker was named Miss Congeniality.
Competing for this title were Jennie Whitehorse from Bannock Creek district; Bree Baker from Fort Hall; Nature Ariwite from the Gibson district; Anissa Pine from Gibson; Sequoia Pahvitse-Auck from Fort Hall; Dana Neaman from Bannock Creek; and Kaitlin Yellowhorse from Fort Hall.
The competition lasted four days. On day one, the candidates were interviewed. On day two, a traditional talent was performed. On day three, the seven contestants demonstrated their skllls in making Native American cuisine in the traditional cooking competition.
On day four, the seven contestants danced two dances and then answered an impromptu question posed by the narrator.
Each day, the young ladies faced five judges. There were five different judges for each day's competition. Twenty individuals judged each candidate.
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