Mill Creek Metals recycles most everything

MORELAND — Mill Creek Metals, LLC, is a recycling center serving Southeast Idaho. Steve Peterson, his wife Kittie and their sons Lex, Trevor, Hans and Cooper — are the owners and operators of the business. They have been in business since 2004 and are on 10 acres at 182 N. 760 W. in Moreland.
The business started out as a metal salvage business but has expanded significantly in the last seven years.
Mill Creek is currently under contract with Bingham County to run the transfer station. At the transfer station, cardboard and some plastics are recycled along with all metals.
"We're trying to help the county by taking a portion of those commodities off the floor of the transfer station and sending them for recycling," said Steve Peterson.
About 12 tons of cardboard is recycled each month instead of going to the landfill. All recycled items are pulled out by hand.
Selling used car parts has also become a big part of the business. Currently, 350 cars in the yard. Workmen are "parting out" these cars which means the different parts are separated into parts—bumpers, headlights, taillights, mercury switches, etc.
A new office and more staff have helped to increase the sales in that department, Peterson said.
“The key to recycling is tonnage,” he said.
During 2010, Mill Creek sent over 35,000 ton of recyclables to various buyers around the Intermountain West.
“It is a good feeling knowing all that material is going to be used again,” Peterson said.
Mill Creek pays by the ton for tin, vehicles, appliances, farm machinery, etc., and by the pound for aluminum cans, copper, brass, etc.
"The success of our business lies with our employees and customers," Peterson said. “We have great people that work here and we appreciate the people that trust us with their continued business.”