Math-a-Thon fundraiser kicks off

THOMAS — The kick-off for the Math-a-Thon at the Snake River Middle School and Rockford Elementary School was Thursday. This event is sponsored by the PTA.
Snake River varsity basketball players joined the fun to spur on enthusiasm for this fund raiser.
This is the fifth year the Math-a-Thon has been in the middle school and the first year for fourth graders at Rockford Elementary.
Students have 20 days to get pledges and/or donations for the Math-a-Thon.
On Wednesday, Feb. 16, fourth, fifth and sixth graders in the two schools will take a 100-problem math test.
Students have until Thursday, Feb. 24, to turn in the money that has been pledged or the donations they have collected.
Prizes will be awarded to students in Thursday, March 10.
Students earn prizes for the amount of money they collect. For example, for a $5 donation, students can choose between a Nerf flying football, silly sludge or whoopie cushion. For a $100 donation, students may choose an I-Pod Shuffle or old fashioned popcorn machine.
Prizes for higher levels of contributions include the choice of a mini-fridge or digital camera, 20 inch Mongoose stunt bike or flip video camcorder. At the $500 donation level, students may choose an I-Pod Touch or 22-inch flat screen color television.
“It’s been a good program,” principal Ed Jackson said. Jackson is the principal for the Snake River Middle School and Rockford Elementary. “It was started at Rockford this year because I’m the principal in both schools.”
“The program started because we needed money for our school,” Jackson said. The idea for a Math-a-Thon was a collaborative effort between the PTA and the school.
Math-a-Thon funds have purchased a climbing wall at the middle school as well as the sound system.
Two years ago, $11,000 was raised through the Math-a-Thon; last year, students raised $15,000.
This year funds will be used for resurfacing the exercise track at the middle school. Science and physical education equipment will also be purchased for each school as well as other things.
Organizing this year’s Math-a-Thon are PTA president Tammy Rushton, vice president Suzette Robinson and Tracy Ramsdell.
Robinson said, “The community is always very supportive; people are very generous.”