Local YouTube videos featured on Discovery Channel tonight

Staff Writer

Automobile fun at the Rose River Bottoms will be featured on "Diesel Brothers" on the Discovery Channel Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. local time.
The videos that will be featured on the show were filmed by at that location in February 2014.
Clint Grover, owner of Never Done Industries in Blackfoot, said, "The staff of Diesel Brothers was trolling YouTube and discovered our video. They contacted us and we sent them the raw footage." Two different videos were taken at the same outing.
"It fit into a project they were doing," he said. "It's pretty exciting. They combined footage from both videos."
Grover said, "Three years ago we were playing at the Rose River Bottoms in my 1978 Ford Bronco. The video was taken on Feb. 11, 2014."
Two videos were made. The first video was released on on YouTube on Feb. 11, 2014; the second one was released on Jan. 23, 2017.
Ernie Leybe and his daughters, Christina and Amber, did all the filming.
Grover said, "Without their camera work, the large shots, camera angles and lighting, this opportunity wouldn't be possible.
"My business partner, Jeff Thompson, edits the video," he said.
Grover said, "My Bronco has been featured in a very popular off road magazine called, "Petersen's 4 Wheel & Off Road," on four different occasions. If you add up all the internet and national coverage this Bronco has received, it's probably the most famous vehicle in the state."
Videos developed by Never Done Industries feature automotive entertainment and how to do some auto work.
"Topics we cover are taken from requests people make requests or a certain topic comes up in conversation," Grover said.
How often are videos made?
"We do this as often as we can. We probably have over 30 videos," he said.
For his day job, Grover works at Blackfoot Brass.
To see what paces an automobile can be put through, visit http://www.YouTube.com/neverdoneusa.
Never Done Industries is a Blackfoot based automotive lifestyle business. Automotive posters and calendars featuring local girls and local cars, clothing and NX nitrous are available by visiting the website: http://www.neverdoneusea.com.